Preclinical Models of Disease

We offer an integrated approach to preclinical studies with all aspects and facilities available on site. Models and studies are designed in collaboration with the sponsor and specifically tuned to the clients needs. ​​

The Naason process starts from an in-depth knowledge of the demands of global pharmaceutical development. It involves combining superior knowledge of biological systems and system dynamics with the latest preclinical disease models, highlighting the comparative and translatable aspects and using this data to highlight the way forward for a particular drug or a drug development platform.  


Research Models & Services

Neurology Models


Pain Models


Oncology Models


Psychiatric Disease Models


Metabolic Disease Models


Eye Disease Models


Safety and Toxicity Studies

Rodents and larger species (rabbits, pigs, dogs and NHP) all aspects of non-clinical safety and toxicity can be studied.

Genotox, ecotox, immuno-tox, reprotox, carcinogenic toxicity
​​Species: Rat, Mouse, Guinea Pig, Pig, Rabbit, Canine and NHP

  • Single dose  toxicity test
  • Dose Range Finding(DRF)
  • Maximum Tolerated Dose(MTD) test
  • Repeat dosing toxicity test
  • Local sensitization tests (scheduled)
  • Skin sensitization tests  (rabbit) ocular sensitization tests (rabbit)
  • Other toxicity test
  • Antigen test, skin sensation test, photon toxicity test

Functional Efficacy and Metabolic Tests in multiple species 

  • Effects on memory & cognition
  • Liver & hepatic metabolism
  • Body fat changes
  • Menopausal symptoms
  • Ocular effects
  • Immune system
  • Blood glucose regulation
  • Bone, joint and muscular
  • Prostate
  • Fatigue/lethargy
  • Dermal effects
  • Blood pressure regulation
  • Calcium intake
  • Urinary tract, renal function
  • Digestion
  • Improvement of neutral fat
  • Erectile dysfunction