Our Areas of Expertise



  • Cutting-edge facilities and instrumentation
  • Expertise in supporting preclinical development
  • Infrastructure to establish new disease models and innovative technologies
  • Know-how in drug development and outsourcing market analysis
  • Expertise in drug discovery and development
  • Expertise in developing new testing batteries

Drug Development Support

Naason Science can help to take early stage candidate technologies and move them forward – swiftly and precisely. Utilizing its inherent drug development experience, scientific expertise and technical capabilities Naason Science changes how drug development collaboration is done.  

The data generated from our preclinical modelling platforms is designed to provide pertinent insight and better translatability in order to allow for easier decisions made faster. ​

Naason´s various preclinical modelling platforms are customized to suite the needs of drug developers. The platforms can accommodate all drug deli-very routes as well as preclinical proof-of-concept for medical devices. From in vitro systems to large and small animal in vivo models Naason Science provides a tool box of state-of-the-art technologies the allow for rapid and effective testing of preclinical drug candidates.​​

Production of Customized Animal Models

Naason Science provides a cutting-edge research  environment with which to develop custom models in one place and in all species. All of the state-of-the-art research tools to create and expand customized animal models are available.​​

Specialized in Gene Therapy

The Naason scientists and staff are highly specialized in the administration of gene therapies and the associated techniques. Naason facilities are geared toward the genetic creation of models as well as the handling, storage and administration of biologics and gene therapies.