Naason Science Technologies and Capabilities

Resources and Facilities

Rodents, large animals, non-human primates are available.

  • 8 species; mice, rats, guinea pigs, rabbits, dogs, pigs and primates ​(marmosets, acaque)
  • Surgically & chemically induced models
  • Transgenic animals


 Naason Science can help to take early stage candidate technologies and move them forward – swiftly and precisely. Utilizing its inherent drug development experience, scientific expertise and technical capabilities Naason Science changes how drug development collaboration is done.  

Stereotactic Surgery 

(small and large animals, NHP)

  • Infusion
  • Ablation
  • Surgery
  • Lesion creation
  • Biopsy
  • Implantation
  • Radiosurgery

Confocal Microscopy
Plethysmographs (small and large animals)
Metabolic Cages (Rat & Mouse)
Dynamic Weight Bearing Devices
Open Field Activity
Grip Strength Meters (Rat and Mouse)
Rotarods (Rat and Mouse)

Body Composition (DXA)

  • ECHO MRI for Body Composition



​CT (large animal, NHP)

  •  MicroPET/PET/Spect-CT

Ultrasound (small and large animal, NHP) Optical Imaging​​ 

OPMI pico technoscope
X-ray Irradition 

Clinical Analysis

  •  Biochemical & Haematology Analysis
  •  Blood Gases
  •  Electrolytes
  •  Blood Glucose
  •  HbA1c meter
  •  Ketone meter

Microplate reader
Mechanical ventilation (small and large animal)

Digital Camera (specialized for macroscopy in gingivitis and periodontal models)

Image J Software (includes specialized used in wound healing models, hair growth models and gastric ulcer models)