Modelling Platform for Osteoarthritis

Naason Science models include models for primary and secondary (post-traumatic, congenital etc) OA. All models can combine MRI and CT micro-CT. The models are available in a variety of species.

The models are:

▪ Surgical model for ACLT

▪ Surgical model for Meniscectomy (MMT)

▪ Collagenase Injection

▪ Sodium monoiodoacetate /MIA

▪ Crystallin alpha B KO mouse model

The models can incorporate histopathology and biochemical analysis as we all as imaging as well as 24/7 home-cage monitoring for:

▪ General locomotion

▪ Circadian Rythm

▪ Temperature

▪ Anticipatory behaviour

▪ Social distancing – anxiety & depression

▪ Climbing/rearing behaviour

▪ Gait Analysis

▪ Feeding/drinking

▪ Grooming​