Rat Model for Dry Eye Disease

Naason Science is offering Efficacy Evaluation of Compounds in a Rat Model of Dry Eye Disease. The objective of the model to investigate whether the compound has an anti-dry eye syndrome effect in a Rat Model of Dry Eye Disease induced by Extraorbital Lacrimal Gland Excision (ELGE).

In our pilot study ELGE surgery was performed after the body weight was measured on day 1. The test substance was administered in eyeballs and treatments were continued for 14 days after 1 week of ELGE surgery. The Schirmer test on the rats’ both left and right eyes were carried out to measure basal and reflective tear secretion. The efficacious effects of compounds were compared also to Xiidra® (Shire US Inc, USA) as FDA approved eye drop syndrome agent.

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Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD)

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